Thousands of organizations around the world use commercial edition of the MongoDB Enterprise Server. MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is a finely-tuned package of advanced software, support, certifications, and other services that`s designed for the way you do business. MongoDB is totally free, highly-available open source database.
If you`ve never used MongoDB before but you use traditional relational database technologies, MongoDB can be a challenge: Clustering and replication are built-in and work brilliantly but without schemas and many of the tuning mechanisms available in Oracle, SQL Server, or even open source MySQL, the role of the DBA can be confusing.
MongoDB Services
MongoDB`s goal is to make a connection between the speed and scalability of key-value stores and the rich features and functionality of relational databases. MongoDB can handle very large, even massive, data sets and complex events processing due to its ability to scale horizontally through its built-in support for data sharing. This way it can grow together with your data storage needs if a single machine set up will no longer work.
JSM Infotech can help your organization plan, test, and implement a highly scalable, highly available MongoDB implementation. We also provide migration services to move appropriate data from your relational database system into MongoDB with as little downtime as possible.
Enabling MongoDB to work for your organization's needs is what we do, from strategy and development to integration and optimization, to get the information output you want.


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